PTV Map&Market basic

A map says more than 1000 lists: With PTV Map&Market basic, your company data can be clearly and transparently displayed on a digital map, making regional connections visible. You can immediately identify your A, B and C customers, see strong sales areas or unexploited sales potential. Take one look at the map to answer important questions regarding marketing, market research, sales or controlling.

Penetration and response analysis
  • Determine market potential
    Display the potential offered by a specific geography.
  • Customer segmentation and competitive analysis
    Where are your high-turnover customers, where are you competitors located? Display your A, B and C customers and keep an eye on your competitors.
  • Penetration and response analysis
    You can easily display regional market penetration with diagrams, and then compare them to identify local differences. Analyse the response rate to your marketing campaign and, as a result, obtain an evaluation of the quality of delivery or data about specific socio-economic conditions in a given area. 
Serving rate and accessibility
  • Servicing rate and accessibility
    Identify regions where there is  over-servicing and under-servicing.
  • Display flows of goods
    How are flows of goods organised? Identify optimisation potential!
  • Coverage calculation
    With coverage calculation, you can display the radii around a location that achieve given percentages of a criterion.
  • Individual displays
    Customise your displays. You can personally configure the colours and also include your own symbols.  Objects can be classified according to colour, size and object type. 
Route calculation with sequence optimisation
  • Route calculation
    Calculate the best possible route between two or more destinations. Reliable PTV routing includes integrated sequence optimisation.  Depending on whether your priority is to save kilometres or time, the software makes a suggestion for the best possible itinerary sequence.  A variety of vehicle profiles guarantee a realistic calculation of driving and arrival times.  In addition, you can specify the length of call for each stop-off point individually.
  • Automatic door-to-door geocoding
    Postal addresses are automatically displayed on a digital map - right down to the specific house number.
Manual area planning
  • Area displays
    Recognise and avoid white spots on the maps - areas that haven't been allocated to a sales district.
  • Manual area planning
    Identify irregularities, such as poor allocations and boundaries between districts as well as unevenly sized areas, and reorganize them.
  • Import addresses, attribute data and flows of goods from all standard formats.
  • Data export
    Export data in KML format and in all usual graphic formats.
  • Map versions: PTV Map&Market basic is available with the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and EUROPE CITY map versions.
Area visualisation
Customer analysis
Goods flows
Market potentials


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