Visualisation & Analysis

Important decisions need to be based on sound  facts. All types of business activity involve geographical interrelations. This was confirmed by 42 percent of marketing managers taking part in a survey by Vanson Bourne in 2012.

Some examples of important business tasks that involve geographical aspects are:

  • Locating customers and target groups
  • Presenting regions, customer data or branches in terms of their turnover, potential and developments
  • Identifying trends and regional patterns and visualising interrelations
  • Performing response and market analyses
  • Adding data from a third party to internal data
  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns and analysing the response to them
  • Visualising customer prioritisation
  • Presenting address-related information, such as turnover per employee or purchasing power data, per postal code area
  • Aggregating address data into territory clusters
  • Calculating distances on the basis of driving time, accessibility and servicing rate
  • Calculating coverage rate, analysing locations
  • Portfolio analysis: company analyses, market share and market growth analyses and visualising strength and weakness analyses
  • Radius selection: determining over-servicing and under-servicing

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