Area planning

Area structures are constantly shifting - new customers, other sales call rhythms, additional sales representatives, etc. change the requirements. In order to perfectly balance customer care, area coverage and your teams, you need to optimise your areas on a regular basis.

With PTV Map&Market basic you can change areas manually on the map, reallocate customers and adjust sales potential.

PTV Map&Market planner automatically optimises your areas. You obtain

  • equally balanced areas, e.g. according to turnover potential or workload.  
  • geographically compact areas, reducing driving times and increasing time spent with customers.
  • planning based on actual road kilometres and driving times.
  • full sales call coverage and, as a result, optimal customer service.
  • a simulation of different planning scenarios ("what-if" cases).
  • additional manual adaptation of areas to your individual situation.
  • multi-level area hierarchies.

Ensure optimum sales areas at all times – with PTV Map&Market.