Consulting for efficient geomarketing

Allow us to advise you!

And take advantage of a unique combination - PTV Map&Market specialised planning software combined with more than 30 years of experience in geographical planning and our consultants' expertise!  Our consultants can help you - in your own offices, if you wish - with the following challenges:

  • Location planning, expansion planning, planning of branch locations
  • Visualising and analysing your sales force structures
  • Restructuring and optimising your sales regions

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Avoid having to invest in and learn how to use a new software
  • Make perfect decisions on where to set up business, taking into account all important factors
  • Plan your sales regions based on realistic driving times
  • Optimise your sales force and your customer allocations
  • Transparent capacity utilisation and travel times at a glance
  • Up to 100% call coverage
  • Take advantage of lower driving costs and shorter driving times
  • Plan call trips that optimise utilisation capacity for the entire sales force
  • Offer improved customer service thanks to greater punctuality and realistic trip schedules

And this is how we work:

A Analysis of the current situation
    Map data
    Identify problems
    Estimate potential

B Definition of the goals
    Define planning goals
    Define restrictions

C Implementation
    Planning of several scenarios
    Evaluation of planning scenarios

D Presentation of results and fine-tuning
    Documentation of results
    Final presentations and fine-tuning of specific cases

Ask for a non-binding offer! Leading industrial, retail and service companies already rely on our solutions.