Free area and trip check with PTV Map&Market

How high is your customer call rate?

PTV Map&Market premium is definitely an investment. An investment that will pay off with its considerable saving potential. With PTV Map&Market premium you can expect to boost your customer call rate by about 4%. As much as 20% is possible in individual cases, depending on the structure and size of the sales force. For most of our customers, the investment pays off within just a few months.

Our area and trip check is the opportunity for you to be convinced by our software. The results are completely realistic, as all of your constraints and objectives are taken into account, such as dividing the workload up equally amongst your sales force, personal relations to customers, specifications regarding call times, the places of residence of your sales reps, etc.

The procedure:

  • Request our free area and trip check.
  • Our employees will get in touch with you and discuss  the next steps.
  • You will send a selection of your data* to the PTV Group.
  • On the basis of your data, our employees will optimise the division of your territory and customer allocations, including  travel time for four connected sales areas.
  • Next, your optimisation potential will be presented to you clearly and graphically.

Don't hesitate any longer! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

*The safety and confidentiality of your data are naturally  guaranteed at all times. A data privacy agreement is an integral part of the project.