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For complex geographic optimisations, map analysis and manual planning are not sufficient anymore. This is when PTV Map&Market planner comes into play, the automated planning tool which provides solutions within minutes even for non-trivial optimisation problems. Even alternative scenarios are beeing created in next to no time.

Take a closer look at our professional planner:

Location planning

Location planning

  • Calculate the number of locations needed in order to provide customers with the best possible service.
  • Find out how many branches you need in order to achieve your sales targets.
  • Calculate the best possible locations depending on threshold figures such as sales potential, target group density, customer structure and infrastructure.
  • Calculate the servicing rate and accessibility based on the geographical distance and time spent reaching a destination around your location.

Automated area planning

Area planning

  • Calculate the optimal number of sales districts.
  • Plan well-balanced sales districts with regard to sales potential, turnover, number of customers, employee workload and other parameters.
  • Organise your sales districts so that the sales force spends less time on the road and more time with clients.
  • Consider the impact of alternative scenarios on your KPIs and the related savings potential.

Market analysis

Visualisation and analysis methods

Make use of the full range of data visualisation and analysis features:

  • Potential analysis
  • Customer segmentation and competitive analysis
  • Display servicing rates and accessibility
  • Area displays
  • Penetration and response analysis
  • Route calculation with integrated sequence optimisation
  • Display of flows of goods
  • Coverage calculation
  • Combination of address layers and area layers


PTV Map&Market is the right product for you!

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PTV Map&Market is the right product for you!

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