PTV Map&Market add-on viewer

Share your PTV Map&Market projects with your colleagues and partners. Everyone with the add-on viewer is able to open and to view your files... providing that he has the requiered user rights to do so. PTV Map&Market add-on viewer is available on premise and on demand. What makes the cloud-hosted solution very charming is that users do not have to install any programs but open projects in the website browser. Also the user and rights management is as easy and simple as could be.

Functional range:

  • Open and view PTV Map&Market projects

  • View separate map views/status, saved by the creator of the project

  • View and analyse data tables

  • Zooming in the map, activate and deactivate map overlays

  • Printing function

Your advantages:

  • Share your PTV Map&Market projects with all parties involved

  • Easily grant, adapt and cancel user rights

  • Available on premise (local installation) and on demand (online version)