PTV Map&Market 25h

You want to combine your strategic/tactical planning with the operative flexibility of your sales crew? Provide your sales force with a powerful organizer for Microsoft Outlook and others on request. Easy adaption of PTV Map&Market plans in the appropriate app or directly in Microsoft Outlook keep your sales force flexible and effective.

Features of the 25h add-on:

  • Map display

  • Geocoding with address verification

  • Suggestion function for perfectly timed appointments

  • Sequence optimisation considering time window restrictions

  • Radius search / Search for next / Corridor search

  • Route calculation with itinerary

  • Interface for route transfer to navigation devices (PTV Navigator, iPhone, TomTom, etc.)

Your advantages

  • Enhances strategic pre-planned trips with operative execution
    Operative changes can easily be adapted to your long-term pre-planned trips: easy-to-use, flexible and helpful.
  • Offline available
    PTV Map&Market 25h is also available offline. To organize your calendar an internet connection is not required.
  • Easy to adapt
    PTV Map&Market 25h is easy to adapt and to configure to your needs. Many automated functions facilitate your daily work.
  • Saves you time
    PTV Map&Market 25h helps you to save driving time, which can better be spent with your customers.
  • Economic solution
    PTV Map&Market 25h integration in existing CRM systems via Microsoft Outlook functionality is cheaper than other integration projects.
  • Transparency for more productivity
    With PTV Map&Market 25h your sales crew can document their daily work. Visit reports and time analysis for more transparency and productivity.