Service technicians

Optimal planning of service technicians is fraught with great uncertainty: Many companies on regular maintenance contracts experience severe malfunctions which need to be fixed immediately and within the timeframe (Service Level Agreement) agreed with the customer. Many factors play a role here, such as the urgency of the malfunction, the replacement parts needed and the closeness and availability of a technician with the right qualifications in the area.

With PTV Map&Market premium, action plans can be created directly with relevant time buffers for severe malfunctions. The software can be used as an isolated solution, but also connected to data management systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) or integrated seamlessly into this.

Employees in the field can use their mobile devices to change their routes themselves within the app PTV Map&Market 25h, e.g. if customers are unreachable or orders are completed earlier than planned. Alternatively, the project scheduling can also be taken on completely by the operation headquarters so that, at very least, the technicians only get their next appointment played to the device in real-time.

Many successful providers of workforce management systems have been putting their trust in PTV Group technology for over 10 years.

Earn more time for your customers - with PTV Map&Market

Success story

See in this Video how Berner Trading manages to plan more than 6k field managers in an optimal way.