Retail trade

Strategic decisions are the bedrock of the economic success of branches and areas in the retail trade. The locations of the outlets, the geographic distribution of the warehouses and the corresponding flows of goods play a decisive role. To prevent expensive mistakes in location and area planning, the PTV Map&Market Suite offers a broad range of tools for analysis, visualisation and optimisation:

  • Analysing and optimising locations
  • Analysing potential
  • Accessibility / catchment areas
  • Scope of advertising material
  • Display of flows of goods

Location intelligence involves a combination of internal data and relevant external data like socio-demographics, competitors, purchasing power, Sinus Milieus, etc. Knowledge obtained in this way minimises risks and provides valuable support in decision-making.

New locations can be optimised automatically by taking into account all relevant additional conditions on the basis of the road network. Quick calculations of alternative scenarios can be played out and the available options quantitatively assessed. Clear displays on digital maps also allow better understanding and acceptance across all management levels.

With PTV Map&Market premium, it is very easy to forward centrally planned projects to other authorised employees and for these to be viewed with the web-based add-on viewer directly in the internet browser.

Make the right decisions – with PTV Map&Market