Pharma & Healthcare

Due to the lifting of price caps on non-prescription drugs and the increase in advertising activities by brand name products and generic products, competition has greatly intensified in the OTC sector. Consumers, who are often uncertain, rely more and more on their chemists' recommendations.

As a result, every customer call counts in the fierce competition to convince the chemists.  Without a perfectly organised sales force, you can easily get left behind. Strategic and tactical sales force planning is extremely complex, as you need to take numerous constraints into account:

  • The locations of employees and chemists
  • Varying prioritisations and call rhythms
  • Fixed allocations of employees to specific customers
  • Customer opening times and fixed appointments
  • Working and break times
  • Driving times and routes between the different appointments

At the same time, it makes sense to spread the workload equally among the different employees and make it transparent.

PTV Map&Market premium is a 'one-stop shop'  providing you with all the necessary functions for this.