Industry has a variety of requirements in the field of geographical analysis, visualisation and optimisation.  In many cases, displaying data on a digital map already simplifies decision-making. Because it enables the analysis of geographical relationships such as locations, customers, turnover and potential:

  • Distribution of turnover according to regions
  • Operation districts of service technicians
  • Territory coverage
  • and much more …

Industrial requirements, however, go way beyond merely presenting the current facts.

  • These days, decision-makers no longer need to rely on estimates and their own gut feeling when looking for the ideal location for new production or warehouse facilities. The mathematical optimisation algorithms for location optimisation calculate the best possible location within just a few seconds –  and, of course, take into account your sales network, road distances and many more constraints.
  • Automatic area planning optimises customer and delivery districts depending on numerous variables, such as the home town of a particular sales employee, different call rhythms, fixed allocations of customers to specific employees, driving times and routes, working times and an equal spread of the workload across the employees. Even when the customer or sales structure changes, territory optimisation generates new results fast.
  • Field service planning ensures that customers are called upon reliably and punctually by your sales force and service technicians.

PTV Map&Market premium is a 'one-stop shop'  providing you with all the necessary functions for this.

"With PTV geomanagement software, we were able to achieve an optimum situation quickly and comfortably.“ Andreas Funk, Authorised Signatory, Regional Manager Service, Schindler Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen GmbH