PTV Map&Market add-on data connector

PTV Map&Market add-on data connector connects the database of PTV Map&Market with the one of your leading system (ERP/CRM/BI). The add-on data connector synchronises data bases automatically according to your requirements. This ensures that all your systems are working with the latest data set. 

Functional range

  • Access to databases with diffenrent formats
    (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, ASCII and ODBC)
  • Updating of PTV Map&Market projects
    with the latest data, e.g. orders or resources
  • Writing back of planning results
    from PTV Map&Market into databases, tracking systems or external reporting systems
  • Geocoding of coordinates in various formats
    (Geodecimal, GeoMinSec, Gauss-Krueger, Logical, Mercator, Superconform, UTM)
  • Conversion of one data format into another
    (e.g. Excel to Access)
    Combination of tables
    to one single file, even if the sources have different formats
  • Splitting of one data source to several others,
    even in different formats

Your advantages

  • Automated data exchange to and from PTV Map&Market

  • No manual import or workarounds

  • All systems are up to date with the latest data

  • Individual settings for an optimal synchonisation